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Web3.0 and No-Code Tools: A New era of Technology

Now, you need to know the hype behind web3. Venture capitalists (VCs) have raised funds for companies developing Web3 apps to anticipate games. Web3 may certainly be the next best thing, as the world is now moving into a post-pandemic world and digital adoption is closely tied to old habits.

Underneath all this noise is a group of people who truly believe that web3 is the future of the Internet. But if you haven’t stepped into the rabbit hole yet, what exactly is it? How is web3 impacting SaaS companies? And how does it overlap with no-code?

Web3 is based on the core concepts of decentralization, openness, and increased user value. In the Web3 concept, data is stored in the form of information (meaningful data) that both humans and computers can easily understand and process.

Definition of Web3 characteristics

Improved connectivity – Web3 is decentralized so content can be accessed simultaneously in different locations.

Distributed Networks – Distributed networks run on a peer-to-peer protocol and can be accessed anywhere in the world. We promise to return control to the user by maintaining strict ownership of the data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – In web3, these two understand and process information much like humans through technology based on the concepts of semantic web and natural language processing. There will also be increasing use of machine learning, which uses data as an algorithm for predicting and analyzing human behavior. From a marketing perspective, it provides a clearer image of the customer’s digital footprint and provides targeted advertising.

Where does No-Code fit into the latest phase of technology evolution?

There is more in common than you can imagine. Infact, both web3 and No-Code share a common goal. It encourages non-technical people to participate more than ever in this new era of technology.

Both envision a society in which more people are creators, using technology originally aimed at programmers and developers. This will allow people to create tools and manage personal information, finances, and other digital assets.

Now, with multiple platforms, you can build dApps without code. dApp is an abbreviation for decentralized application running on a blockchain or P2P network, where multiple participants consume content, feed or broadcast content, or perform both functions at the same time…

At the moment, no-code tools for web3 builders are very limited, but it looks very promising in the future. Bunzz and Bildr are two amazing no-code tools for dApps. As we are at the forefront of Web3, we can expect even more change as the Internet leads it. You can also expect more no-code roles as it becomes more compatible with Web 3.0. As the future unfolds in front of us, these two will grow even more. Isn’t the future of no-code and web3 exciting? Best of all, you don’t even have to learn coding to be part of this revolution.

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