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Offbeat things happening with Metaverse

Metaverse is the Internet experienced through virtual reality and all related products and services related to this “New Internet”.

Facebook Metaverse turned out to be the most popular, but it’s not the only metaverse. Any company can build its own metaverse using the right technology and servers. But in the end, it is hoped that all of these systems will be combined into a single digital experience that extends and enhances reality.

At Rarible, TacoBell unveiled seven unique taco-inspired NFT artworks. These are not real tacos. They’re not even virtual reality tacos.

But they are unique tacos that can be purchased for just 1.75 Ethereum(ETH). As of March 2022, it is USD 5,275.04.

For those who are into gaming, you can have a virtual space through AR tools and feel movements through haptic technology. Shopping or going to a concert in metaverse sounded peculiar a few years ago, but it is happening right now, as you are reading this.

But let’s think about this in this way: Sure, I can attend a Shawn Mendes concert in a metaverse and my digital avatar will enjoy the perks of seeing him perform live. But real me is going to be at home in pyjamas. To be honest, it is quite similar to watching a Youtube video of the performance. My digital avatar could go shopping and I won’t find my new sunglasses on my real wardrobe, which actually makes me wonder– what is the point of it?

While the metaverse is open to all, a lot of crazy & bizarre things are happening in the metaverse, let’s take a look at them to know more:

    1. Marriage-Yes, you read that right. A Tamil Nadu couple recently got married in the metaverse. I bet you can’t guess the theme– Harry Potter! Due to covid-19, they could not invite more than 100 guests so they chose to go the metaverse route and they invited more than 2000 guests to attend their ceremony through their smartphones or PCs.
    2. Sexual Assault- Yeah, sad news, just like in real life, crimes happen in the metaverse. Unfortunately, women are not safe even in the metaverse. Women are groped and sexually assaulted by men in the metaverse. It’s raging for everyone. Tired of finding a solution to this problem, Facebook created a personal boundary tool that allows users to be almost 1.2 meters away from other avatars, sort of like social distancing.
    3. The possibility to sense smells- This one is really huge. Meta is trying to crack the possibility of sensing smell– scented candles and room sprays. But how do we really smell anything in the world? It is a challenge that many metaverses are trying to solve, if any one of them cracks this, then it could be a real revolution.
    4. Real estate- Real estate is being sold for millions of dollars. We can even buy or sell land in metaverses. You can showcase your NFT collection, have a party on your private beach. Yeah, I know it is bizarre because your avatar is attending the party on behalf of you!
    5. Giving access to metaverse to cattles- The most bizarre application of the metaverse is this. In Turkey, cows were fitted with VR headsets to make them think that they’re on green pastures to create a sense of happiness and in return producing more milk. And guess what, this experiment was successful, the rancher claimed that the cows produced 5 more liters of milk in total. So basically, even in the metaverse, animals are being exploited.
    6. Metaverse billboards- If you find the pop-ups annoying, wait to see what metaverse has in store for you. There are already companies gearing to sell digital ads in virtual space. Just as ads have become obnoxious in the real world, billboards will be similar in a few years. In fact, metaverse might even start creating revenue through advertising.

This is all for the bizarre things happening in the metaverse. If you want to know more about the metaverse, stay tuned to this space!

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