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Metahomes are individual self-sovereign homes in the multiverse.
People can invest time and money in developing it to outsource it to
brands or their communities. With Metahomes, we’re building an entirely new way for communication, economy, entertainment, and a space on the internet.




UI Desinger
Blockchain Dev
Frontend Dev
Backend Dev




UX/UI Design,
Blockchain Development,
Software Development

Discover Your Self-Sovereign Oasis: Metahomes, Where Multiverse Living Unfolds, Crafted by Wow Labz

Wow Labz proudly presents Metahomes, a groundbreaking concept that brings individual self-sovereign homes to life within the vast multiverse. Metahomes allows people to invest their time and resources in developing and customizing their personal spaces, which can then be outsourced to brands or communities. With Metahomes, a new paradigm of communication, economy, entertainment, and online presence emerges. Wow Labz’s expertise in UI/UX design, blockchain development, and custom software development ensures that Metahomes is a seamlessly immersive experience. Embark on a journey where you define your virtual oasis, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for connection and self-expression. Join the Metahomes revolution and create your digital sanctuary with Wow Labz by your side.

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