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Interior Design Tool

It is an AI-powered tool that uses computer vision algorithms to detect the interiors of the room like floor, wall, ceiling, etc. It uses the OpenCV package to replace the detected floor with a new set of tiles and can add a rug of a given shape and size on top of the floor. This tool can be used to visualize how different floor tiles and rugs will look when laid out and arranged.


Interior Design Tool


AI Dev





Wow Labz’s AI Development Transforms Interior Design with Innovative Computer Vision Technology

Wow Labz collaborated with a forward-thinking company to develop an AI-powered interior design tool that revolutionizes the visualization of floor tiles and rugs. Leveraging advanced computer vision algorithms and the power of AI, our team created a cutting-edge tool that enables users to effortlessly envision and experiment with different interior design options. Using the power of computer vision, Wow Labz’s AI development team implemented sophisticated algorithms, including the OpenCV package, to accurately detect and analyze various elements of an interior space, such as the floor, wall, and ceiling. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, the tool provides users with the ability to visualize and replace the floor tiles with different designs and patterns, as well as add rugs of various shapes and sizes.

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